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We are located in a privileged place, at the gates of the only National Park in Portugal, Peneda-Gerês, with a rich nature that deserves to be visited, such as the idyllic waterfalls, the lush greenery and the pedestrian paths that cross it. Hotel Rural Misarela offers its guests the opportunity to perform various outdoor activities.

App Hotel Misarela

For guests' convenience, Hotel Rural Misarela provides an APP, IOS or Android, free of charge, designed to guide guests in the search for places and trails in the surrounding region. The APP guides users, via GPS, to pre-selected locations in the application's gallery.


Indoor Activities

The hotel's common interior space is equipped with a fireplace for comfort on cold winter nights, a self-service bar, a library for free use, a games table and a large TV.


Outdoor Activities

The Peneda-Gerês National Park, with about 70,000 hectares, extends from the Mourela plateau to Castro Laboreiro, including the Peneda, Soajo, Amarela and Gerês mountains. It is a mountainous region, essentially granitic, in whose high altitude areas the effects of the last glaciation are visible. Deep and embedded valleys support a dense hydrographic network. Remarkable botanical diversity - woods, bushes, riparian vegetation and peat bogs in addition to humid bushes - highlighting the presence of several rare and endemic species. The PNPG is home to some of the most important oak groves in Portugal. Interesting semi-natural habitats. Diversity of fauna species with different status: endemic (lusitanian salamander), threatened (Iberian wolf), species of limited distribution (northern carthian)... In the agricultural mosaic, lime meadows and marshlands stand out. Rich cultural-historical heritage (megalithic necropolises, traces of Romanization, castles, granaries, ovens, mills, levadas, terraces…) in addition to the curious implantation of mountain villages and the presence of well-preserved traditional architecture. (Source:



For the more adventurous


Hotel Rural Misarela has at your disposal bicycles that you can request whenever you want. Explore the most difficult terrain on two wheels.




Discover the region by taking different routes


The Peneda Gerês National Park is a place full of paths to go through. Get to know the main points of interest, such as Ponte do Diabo, through the various routes that exist.


Bird Watching

Discover the species that live here


Fauna is one of the great treasures of the Peneda-Gerês National Park, one of the places with the greatest diversity. The stillness of Misarela and PNPG allows you to hear and observe the birds that are part of its fauna.



Navigate the landscape


We have canoes at your disposal for paddling and exploring the reservoirs of the Salamonde, Venda Nova, Paradela, Alto Cávado and Alto Rabagão dams.

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